Function console_subscriber::spawn

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pub fn spawn<S>() -> impl Layer<S>where
    S: Subscriber + for<'a> LookupSpan<'a>,
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Returns a new tracing_subscriber Layer configured with a ConsoleLayer and a filter that enables the spans and events required by the console.

This function spawns the console subscriber’s Server in its own Tokio runtime in a background thread.

Unlike init, this function does not set the default subscriber, allowing additional Layers to be added.

This function is equivalent to the following:

use console_subscriber::ConsoleLayer;

let layer = ConsoleLayer::builder().with_default_env().spawn();


  • If the subscriber’s background thread could not be spawned.


console_subscriber::build supports all of the environmental configuration described at console_subscriber::init.

Differences from init

Unlike console_subscriber::init, this function does not add a tracing_subscriber::fmt layer to the configured Layer. This means that this function will not log spans and events based on the value of the RUST_LOG environment variable. Instead, a user-provided fmt::Layer can be added in order to customize the log format.

You must call .init() on the final subscriber in order to set the subscriber as the default.


use tracing_subscriber::prelude::*;
//  .with(...)